How Can I Explain The Passion That Flows Within

Long sleepless nights tossing and turning 4 the passion U only see when U R sleep. Deep sleep.

The nakedness of your body, soft sultry skin smooth 2 my touch. My body against yours as we stand alone my hands rubbing against your back, sliding down 2 your hips as passion rolls through my veins.

Visions of your lips, sexually kissing u deeply…Tightly holding u, tasting your nick as I venture along, going down tasting the essence of your breast so succulent as I take U in my arms turning U around U R feeling all of my love against your backside.

Head held back as a kiss reaches your mouth longing down your throat feeling the kiss so deep U feel it in your feet.

Strong I pick U up, pen U against the wall as the thrust of my love enters your forbidden zone. U feel me grow & grow inside of U.

Wow U say! I say this is what flows through me. I miss U. Come do me!

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