Nothings More Sexier Than….

Seeing you as you lay asleep, a deep sleep as your beauty portraits the paintings as they are priceless. Yet your beauty stills as

Nothings More Sexier Than……

Being this wonderful teddy bear for you to “snuggle” when the thoughts of “naughtiness” makes your most secret and sexy spot on your body that “Only” other women know. But I do……..Sexiness

Nothings More Sexier Than…

Nothings More Sexier Than…..

The mystic touch of your mind as you drift off in to this poem of mind love making as it only opens your inner being of unforgettable orgasms. How do you say!

Nothings More Sexier Than…..

You and I on a train heading to where I choose for you. Complete strangers lookng for “OUR” stop to “GET OFF”. As we glide across the land, it’s my plan to land where

Where…………….Nothings More Sexier Than….

Tasting completely all of your inner being………….

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