Conceived by love I was born N 2 this world

by the strength of Love, Knowledge, Understanding, Caring, Honesty,

Sympathy, and most of all of what we call 2 day by her names


Me Mom & Mamas boy R the titles I’ll take & B very proud

of it 2 say, I Love U

Through life’s unknown it was U Mom who

installed N my mind the meaning of God & Life

but never did I except the turmoil of what it is like

not being able 2 call out UR name & not hear your voice

of reason that makes any child feel CALM…

Yes baby, What’s wrong child, What do U need baby, Mamas here…

Now I will not B able to accept that U R not hear with me

2 pull my ear or lick UR thumb 2 wipe away the dried

tear from my eye or give that smile of approval that U R so

proud U have me

Happy Mother’s Day……….To All Mother’s B blessed We Love U

Published by Steven

I'm a Pisces and I have this fire of Passion within me that burns with every word from my heart about poetry and love making, sex, fucking, kissing, touching, pleasing a woman beyond anything. My words come from my Heart and they are Real so you can feel every nook of curves on your body. About is me is just like that every touch you feel, my words will endure your mind and body.

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