Conceived by love I was born N 2 this world

by the strength of Love, Knowledge, Understanding, Caring, Honesty,

Sympathy, and most of all of what we call 2 day by her names


Me Mom & Mamas boy R the titles I’ll take & B very proud

of it 2 say, I Love U

Through life’s unknown it was U Mom who

installed N my mind the meaning of God & Life

but never did I except the turmoil of what it is like

not being able 2 call out UR name & not hear your voice

of reason that makes any child feel CALM…

Yes baby, What’s wrong child, What do U need baby, Mamas here…

Now I will not B able to accept that U R not hear with me

2 pull my ear or lick UR thumb 2 wipe away the dried

tear from my eye or give that smile of approval that U R so

proud U have me

Happy Mother’s Day……….To All Mother’s B blessed We Love U

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