Pretend 2 close UR eyes as U read!

Imagine what U truly desire as this

is being done 2 U…..OPEN UR MIND

As U R let away by a strong hand

trusting me that has this BLIND FOLD around UR eyes

Desperately seeking light, it’s dark

UR blood is racing heart beats as the

desire runs wild N side

Sit down U hear, Listen 2 me

U R listening 4 anything trying 2 wonder “What’s going on”

I take UR hand run it across my chest

As U feel the mass of my chest

I tuck UR hand N side my pocket…Hold ON

Hearing ice cubes wondering “What’s Next”

Racing N the darkness of this BLIND FOLD

U bite the bottom of UR lip

Feeling this erotic dance N UR mind

Touched on the back of UR neck

Chills run down UR spine as a

Line of cold runs N side UR bra 2 UR panties

Stand I must get that I say

Zip undone down 2 UR ankles

Step out left, right man do I see

The voluptuous curvaceous of UR body

I turn U around 2 lick that chill

That ran down UR spine, my tongue

Longs down tasting what only U

Can imagine strongly holding UR hips

From behind Ur hands grab mine 2 let me

Know U 1/2 opened up UR mind

Lead away 2 a table placed on top

as U think of “What’s he doing 2 me

Legs parted, me N between the smell

Of wine 2 UR mind as strawberries make

UR mouth water as U try 2 speak 2 me

One N side UR mouth Shh, Shh, Shh

Did U open UR mind

R U going 2 come this time

BLIND FOLD…Pssst Come here……

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