Caged 4 so long–Animalistic kind of blood

runs through my body..

You walk around the cage as 2 stir up

temperament with your eyes as 2 try

2 possess the power with n my mind & body.

Scent unknown sprayed n the air

Potent 2 bring any animalistic kind of

creature to his knees

I resist U, I resist u comes from my mouth

back & forth, I pace raddling the cage

hands grabbing at the bars as U still

continue taunting me, smiling at me

saying U can’t resist U will obey my

every command.

I get closer 2 the bars as 2 excite your passion

2 see how it would feel 2 B this close

2 a animal of man

Man who has not seen, touched or smelled the

existence of a woman.

U spray your scent

U touch your love with your hand

Let him out of the cage

U command…Now I say

I stay N the corner

U get closer, closer, closer 2 see if

what U sprayed will calm me down

Closer, closer closer I snatch U N

Slam the cage door

your screaming open the door

I say 2 U

U 4 got the scent of love on your hand

Please please don’t U say

I grab U turn U around as my voice

Is on the back of your neck making

chills run down your spine.

I move U 2 the middle

seeing something SMOOTH run down your thighs

I taste, I bite your shoulder as I rise

2 penetrate U I move slowly as 2 take

complete control.

I stroke deeply N side of U 4 each

day that I have not been with a woman….U

I whisper N each of your ears

with each stroke a 100 times



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