This Well

For how long can I dwell on this loneliness, I have inside for you. So I sit and close my eyes to unfold all that there is

For I sit here dropping pebbles into the abyss of This Well wondering will I figure out how far in love, I am with you

My eyes only see the pitch blackness, but it starts to transform into the deepness of my heart

Long ago, I pressed for the love that, I can endure with love, care, and respect for inside my heartbeat was just that a heartbeat

Trials and tribulations through out my life can take its toll on my heart

Up and down, around & around, lost & found still hanging on my my finger tips

Tired of bleeding for the wrong relationships breaking up, making up, stomach turns as I’m not near you. The trust was never there to start.

Further and further I go sliding down this unbelievable ride of love in to This Well with no support or life line to pull me in….. DAM

As I fall, I pray I fall so that all the pain, I’ve come to receive stops and I hit the bottom of This Well

Before all was over my prayers were answered and little light was cast

could This Well understand that as this man is sensitive, caring, strong, and a loving man can find love.

This Wells light begins to get brighter and larger and more beautiful than the darkness I’ve felt for so long.

Falling, falling, falling racing to get there!

Only to find the love, I’ve been looking for

All my other pain is left behind, now that I have fell in This Well……

I’m awaken by your touch

So I fall in to This Well and I keep on going and going and going

That’s how deep, This Well can be

Written by Steven M Taylor

Dec 12, 2000


Published by Steven

I'm a Pisces and I have this fire of Passion within me that burns with every word from my heart about poetry and love making, sex, fucking, kissing, touching, pleasing a woman beyond anything. My words come from my Heart and they are Real so you can feel every nook of curves on your body. About is me is just like that every touch you feel, my words will endure your mind and body.

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