Erotic Sweet Taste

Behold your vision……..Mirror reflects

long sculptured body endure next to yours….

No face, just your pace of dis “Erotic Sweet Taste”

Owning your needs as his lips dance as he licks his lips…

They dance where you need to feel,

along your neck as he travels discovering you with each kiss,

pulsating pulse of your veins pounds to the one beat of your heart…

Your eyes slightly parted as his direction of his affection blends across

your collar bone with a slight bite on your shoulder frees this Erotic Sweet Taste…

Mirrors reflection reflects your hands as him as they proceed to bless blissful erotic goose bumps along your chest…

Feeling of your hand as you rub under your neck as it falls backward…

Our fingers prance in pace as they come together where when its cold you stand at attention….

Our fingertips alone roundabout as they erect your nipples

lips follow your eyes as you travel your reflection down, down to kiss your navel…..

Oh that button of erotic bliss

nibbles of bites against your hips…

Further as your reflection seeks where you want his lips to meet….

At what pace should you place your erotic taste

your fingers, your hips flow against your garden of eden

protected by the walls of your flesh

he pressed his lips against your Erotic Sweet Taste as you hold your hands

and his head in place your finger trails the line of your taste up your stomach

as he trails with his tongue, your finger his face meet

“Baby” you got that Erotic Sweet Taste as he kisses,

your finger rubs against your tongue….

Open your eyes cos its written all over yours and my face,

as you lick his lips of your finger of your own Erotic Sweet Taste…..

Published by Steven

I'm a Pisces and I have this fire of Passion within me that burns with every word from my heart about poetry and love making, sex, fucking, kissing, touching, pleasing a woman beyond anything. My words come from my Heart and they are Real so you can feel every nook of curves on your body. About is me is just like that every touch you feel, my words will endure your mind and body.

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