Imagine This

I close my eyes…..

I see you from afar….My mouth opened wide, eyes stuck inside there sockets stunned by

the beauty that freezes time……..

Time passed by & still, I have the images of holding you so close

Laughter of your voice brings light to your smile as you gaze at me……

Drawing me in with the abyss of your eyes longing to be drowned by your lips

of a DEEP kiss…..

Your skin so creamy, soft & smooth against my body as I intend to be that

ragging chocolate craving you desire…….

You licking your lips, I slowly start devouring the body of a goddess

as I enjoy each craving taste of your hips, breast, to your nipples, stomach, back,

knees & thighs……..

The touch of the essence of your woman hood

the fruit of the forbidden that’s tuck away behind

the diamond lips is were, I want to play with my tongue……

I’ll make your body dance the rivers of quivers as I lick around your diamond mine…..


You pulling your hair

to the bitting of your bottom lip

to the uncontrolled bust of thrust from your hips

to the grinding end of you holding my face between

you legs as you watch & make me lick & sip every spot

as you come all over my face………..

Imagine this head taking place………………

Written by Steven M Taylor……July 7, 2010

Music by SILK -Turn U Out


Published by Steven

I'm a Pisces and I have this fire of Passion within me that burns with every word from my heart about poetry and love making, sex, fucking, kissing, touching, pleasing a woman beyond anything. My words come from my Heart and they are Real so you can feel every nook of curves on your body. About is me is just like that every touch you feel, my words will endure your mind and body.

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