Convict Me

Ladies, I stand before you defending my actions of my seduction against your minds~

Ladies of the abyss of minds as, I puff on dis kush of lust~I take command of dis~

My body boils with deepness of the ocean~As I caress my neck & shoulder, I glide

over my chest~My pecs developed with strength as, I grab it with my hand, I stand

as my eyes are looking around as to pass judgement of seduction~~Who wants to feel me~

As I grab this sauce of arousal~~I come by as I stick my finger in & place it on my nipple~~

Wave my finger @ you as your mouth opens as I command, I place my finger on your tongue knowing you wish to see If I was hung~~Close your mouth & take 1 stroke with

your lips as I place my head behind your head & I lean in to put my nipple against your lips

sucking as this seduction arouses your erotic mind~~people are watching as I pour this sauce of “Convict Me” baby for my crimes~

It’s pouring down my body, I pull off my pants to have you chase it down pass my navel~

as it creeps out of my boxer briefs your eyes dance as you move your hair behind your ears~~

Stop~~~Next~~~I push you back so i can really do my crime to this beat of

Erykah Badu song “Next Lifetime”

Come here both hands begin to show interest in forming along this body of seduction~

Mmmmnnn woman~~6’1 195 pds, Brown Eyes strong chin with that caramel brown skin

with tat bedroom physique~~

Rubbing this sauce from my arms to my stomach down my thigh back up as I bend showing

you the roundness of this strong ass my hands run over my hips~~

As I fall to my knees~

I get in a push up position as my conviction is standing up long and hard~~

As I dip it in the sauce of this Convict Me~~My hips moving as your eyes get so hypnotic

your head moves to my movement~~

Up, down, side to side like making old fashion butter~~

Hitting each corner of your cerebellum~~Your cerebral intellect is my to command~~

As you take the stand & say~~~

Ladies lets Convict this seduction of Convict Me to life’s pleasures of Our Minds…….

Written by Steven Taylor~~~~April 11, 2011

Published by Steven

I'm a Pisces and I have this fire of Passion within me that burns with every word from my heart about poetry and love making, sex, fucking, kissing, touching, pleasing a woman beyond anything. My words come from my Heart and they are Real so you can feel every nook of curves on your body. About is me is just like that every touch you feel, my words will endure your mind and body.

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