Intoduction of I

Notice the drawing of me on the page of my 1st word press site. It tells the scripture of who I am and what I love and what I write with the pages of my tablets and also with in the contours of my mind.

I seek with the thoughts of knowing that there can only be this one magical place in the world today. The place where only I can go, where only I can feel and see the passion of desires with in me.

I seek only the truth of what we all need in this world of demise of a humans thought to create the stability of LOVE with in our own hearts, minds, body and souls.

I believe there is one power in this universe that has all things coming together with in one matter of everything known to man and woman.

MUSIC is the key to get to know me with in these pages of what I dream of to be so real with written confessions beyond any other world of conflict of confusion.

Let’s proceed to the place where only we can see what is truly the desire of all that seek the most out of life………PEACE, LOVE, HAPPINESS AND FAITH…..

I strip my soul for you all to read Lyrics Of My Heart Love Passion and Desire

Let the MUSIC be the stroke of your embryo of poetry to it’s finest thoughts of lyrics written across all of our hearts.

Slow down and feel what you can’t see.

Listen to the rhythmic sounds of these words touch the inner parts of your ear

Only to feel a EARGASM run down the side of your face into your hands

Of tears of forbidden thoughts as they appear in my writings of Lyrics Of My Heart.

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