Nothings More Sexier Than….

Seeing you as you lay asleep, a deep sleep as your beauty portraits the paintings as they are priceless. Yet your beauty stills as Nothings More Sexier Than…… Being this wonderful teddy bear for you to “snuggle” when the thoughts of “naughtiness” makes your most secret and sexy spot on your body that “Only” otherContinue reading “Nothings More Sexier Than….”

How Can I Explain The Passion That Flows Within

Long sleepless nights tossing and turning 4 the passion U only see when U R sleep. Deep sleep. The nakedness of your body, soft sultry skin smooth 2 my touch. My body against yours as we stand alone my hands rubbing against your back, sliding down 2 your hips as passion rolls through my veins.Continue reading “How Can I Explain The Passion That Flows Within”