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Erotic Sweet Taste

Behold your vision……..Mirror reflects long sculptured body endure next to yours…. No face, just your pace of dis “Erotic Sweet Taste” Owning your needs as his lips dance as he licks his lips… They dance where you need to feel, along your neck as he travels discovering you with each kiss, pulsating pulse of your…

This Well

For how long can I dwell on this loneliness, I have inside for you. So I sit and close my eyes to unfold all that there is For I sit here dropping pebbles into the abyss of This Well wondering will I figure out how far in love, I am with you My eyes only…

Let’s open up a little

This will come from the mind off the head of me. I am only human for what god has made. I only seek what is for me and how I want it. I am very easy, I am open to everything The little things I see are only what is there within my mind and…

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