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As you can see, Im boiling with that hand of mind U feel me…..Let’s go (EXCUSE ME….MY I C E P T) Your honey skin as it bleeds with the tastefulness of the curves of your body. As I CEPT on the goose bumps that travel down your spine, around your hips divine as chills…

Tears Of A Man

Physical and mental pain demented inside my soul fill the tears of this man Emotionally looking for the comfort of being what I dream to be, a man of a man. Responsibility, Family, Wisdom, Understanding, Hardworking, Provider, and God Fearing man. I have discovered something so deep it pains me to the point of not…

Convict Me

Ladies, I stand before you defending my actions of my seduction against your minds~ Ladies of the abyss of minds as, I puff on dis kush of lust~I take command of dis~ My body boils with deepness of the ocean~As I caress my neck & shoulder, I glide over my chest~My pecs developed with strength…

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