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Drain Dis Ink In My Pen

Fix yourself as U begin 2 try and Drain Dis Ink N My Pen Taunted by desires if da 4bidden, I can’t seem 2 find dat 1 aggressive tigress, exotic by all means as she rips her claws n 2 my flesh as she devours me. Not knowing there’s 2 much ink n this pen.Continue reading “Drain Dis Ink In My Pen”


HERE’S A QUESTION FOR U AS READ THIS POEM? WHAT DOES A KISS MEAN? Portrait N my dreams Have I seen dis I captured the essence of the taste of UR lips with N my eyes…Lips of fruitful exterior Eyes closed 2 vision the couture of UR lips contrast with the image N my mindContinue reading “THEE KISS ON MY MIND”

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