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Let’s open up a little

This will come from the mind of off the head of me. I am only human for what god has made. I only seek what is for me and how I want it. I am very easy, I am open to everything The little things I see are only what is there within my mind…

Drain Dis Ink In My Pen

Fix yourself as U begin 2 try and Drain Dis Ink N My Pen Taunted by desires if da 4bidden, I can’t seem 2 find dat 1 aggressive tigress, exotic by all means as she rips her claws n 2 my flesh as she devours me. Not knowing there’s 2 much ink n this pen.…


I am feeling myself right now and I have to put this out there u feel me! Women R like wine! It just gets better with time. I should say we men also get better. I have to say it, we mature. Here we go PAINTING A PHANTOM FIGURE Ghostly feeling, I get with this…

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