Years upon years upon years have been spent in a time zone

Burning within my body generates this glow

this beaming light of an animal attraction to the

purest most delicate creature

I say No name, No title, but MY FLAME

Days turns 2 weeks, weeks turns to months and years

Still searching finding my way back to this creature

I crave from within me

Moving like a Tigress slowly seductively

unaware this creature possesses great power

Power I choose to have beside me

on me gracefully.

Covering her prey this creature shows the beauty of MY FLAME

Breast exposed as this Tigress this creature

of substance induces my body to a boiling

of excitement and overwhelming emotion

My Flame ready to explode beyond boundaries

of satisfaction

Tigress roars, fingernails clutched along my chest

as she nibbles against my nipples

Holding me tightly thrusting me forward

into existence

Feet straight, legs out as she brings her prey

closer pushing me into…MY FLAME

This is how I’ve missed you since you’ve been gone…….

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